Tips on how to use a Granton Self Seal Sterilisation Pouch

pouches Tips on how to use a Granton Self Seal Sterilisation Pouch

We’ve been manufacturing Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches for 20 years now; in fact it was our 20 year anniversary last month! Over the last 20 years, the market for self seal sterilisation pouches has grown very significantly and we’re proud to be the UK’s sole volume manufacturer of this innovative range of products.  When we started manufacturing, the market for the self seal pouch was mainly in dental but now our products are widely used in decontamination units within the NHS, and also in tattoo clinics, podiatry clinics, and veterinary practices – really anywhere where there is the need for a reusable product that is sterile at the point of use.

The self seal sterilisation pouch concept started in the US and quickly took off due to its ease of use and the fact that the self seal adhesive band removes the requirement for associated heat sealing equipment – which both takes up precious space in a healthcare clinic, and also requires regular maintenance and calibration for compliance with ISO 11607.

The self seal pouch eliminates the need for any additional equipment and is quick and easy to use, with both steam (autoclave) and ethylene oxide gas (EO) sterilisation methods. A healthcare professional can be trained in the correct use of the self seal pouch in mere moments – for a healthcare professional sterilising items in their own bench top autoclave, it’s as simple as this:-

  1. Select the size of pouch that is most suitable for your item – don’t choose a pouch that is too small; remember the steam in your autoclave must circulate around the item;
  2. Place your item to be sterilised inside the pouch;
  3. Peel off the release liner from the adhesive band;
  4. Fold over the paper flap along the perforation and press down firmly along the length from the centre outwards so the flap is firmly stuck down;
  5. Place the sealed pouch in your autoclave;
  6. Cycle your autoclave;
  7. After your autoclave cycle is finished, remove the pouch from the autoclave – inspect it carefully to ensure the pouch is dry and undamaged, and that the pre-printed process indicators have changed colour, and then store it carefully in a cool dry place. When properly stored, the contents will remain sterile for at least 12 months.

Top Tips!

  • You may find it easier to fold along the perforation line before removing the liner from the adhesive band;
  • The adhesive tape is pressure sensitive, so remember to press along the length from the centre outwards;
  • There is much misunderstanding about the role of the process indicator which is printed onto the pouch – we’ve seen many websites claiming that the pre-printed colour change indicator PROVES sterility; it does not – it is a visual check that the pouch has been through a process!
  • When used by a suitably trained healthcare professional, the self seal pouch provides a validated seal in terms of reproducibility and reliability, meeting the requirements of ISO 11607.

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