Cleanline® by Granton Medical

Cleanline® is the name of our customisable medical device contract packaging solution, delivered in our cleanroom environment operating at ISO Class 7 (10,000) level or higher. If you’ve got a medical device and require an experienced partner to manage your sterile medical device packaging requirements, then Cleanline® is for you.



Cleanline® presents our entire range of medical device cleaning, assembly, packing and sterilisation services, then gives customers the opportunity to pick & choose or mix & match whichever services they need for any given project.

The system allows for packages of services to be carefully tailored and updated according to variables like batch size, timescale, traceability, sterilisation method, shipping and overall budget. Whatever the project, the end result is always the same: real-world solutions, consistently high quality and maximised profitability for our customers.

Cleanline® service options include:-

  • Hand packing into peel pouches
  • 4-Side-Seal machine packing
  • Form-Fill-Seal (thermoform) packing
  • Cleanroom device assembly
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and passivation
  • Washing and disinfection of single use devices to HTM standards
  • Management of the sterilisation process

What can we pack?

Our Cleanline® service can be tailored to suit your needs.

Typical situations catered for include:
  • Size – from screws and burrs to implants and instruments
  • Materials – from metals and plastics to wound care products and dressings
  • Content – from single instruments to procedure packs and tray assemblies
  • Volume – from one offs to high volume runs
  • Customers – from small local businesses to multinational corporations

In fact, the process options are so numerous, we’ve dedicated a whole web site to our Cleanline® services – if you want to know more, please visit or get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.