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Disposable Examination Gloves for medical and healthcare markets, Face Masks, Tattoo Supplies & a unique range of Dental Laboratory Knives, Spatulas and Scalpels.


Disposable Examination Gloves

We’ve been supplying high-quality, medical grade Disposable Examination Gloves into the dental, medical, tattoo and other healthcare markets for over 20 years now. During this time we have been steadfastly committed to supplying the highest quality disposable gloves for professional markets worldwide.

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Face Masks

We have been supplying face masks to our customers for some time now. With our long background in the medical devices industry, we are well placed to source and supply Type IIR Medical (Surgical) Face Masks and other types of facemask into healthcare and other markets, including beauty, tattoo, podiatry and dental.

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Tattoo Supplies

We are now pleased to bring our expertise to the tattoo, body art, piercing and cosmetic beauty industries to help in the fight against cross contamination with a range of products specifically designed and selected with the needs of these markets in mind.

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Medical Knives

Our Dental Laboratory Knives and Spatulas are made in Sheffield to the highest standards from the finest materials and are fully guaranteed.

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