Printed Rollstock Materials

With our 6-colour wide web central impression flexographic printer, we provide our customers with high quality printed sterile barrier materials in rollstock form.

Our stock material range, which includes coated and uncoated medical grade papers and DuPont Tyvek® materials, enables us to provide our customers with fast, flexible, innovative and cost-effective print solutions regardless of run length. Short lead times and on time deliveries are our forte.


 •  High quality 6-colour wide web flexographic printing
•. Variety of substrates available ex-stock
•  Fast turnarounds and cost-effective print solutions
•  Short and long print runs
•  Specialists in printing of water-based inks, including colour change process indicators
•  Top and Bottom Webs
•  Off-line slitting
•  Controlled area ‘white room’ printing facility to minimize the possibilities of contamination

Quality Matters

To meet the high expectations of the medical devices industry, our flexographic printing services take place in a controlled area “white room” facility to minimize possibilities of contamination.

Our in-house printing facilities also include full web scanning and total batch traceability to ensure high-quality print and superb levels of consistency.

Materials conform to BS EN ISO 11607-1:2006 and BS EN 868:2009 (as applicable).

Stock Materials

Medical Grade Papers and Tyvek® typically available from stock:-

Description Weight (gsm) Sterilisation Method
White MG Kraft Paper 60 gsm Steam, EO and Irradiation
White MG Kraft PC EO-R Paper 60 gsm EO, Irradiation and Formaldehyde
Soft Peel Coated Paper 63 gsm EO and Irradiation
Grid Lacquered Paper 60+10 gsm EO and Irradiation
MG Bleached Kraft Paper + LDPE 44+29 gsm EO and Irradiation
Uncoated Tyvek® 1073B 75 gsm EO, Irradiation and H202

Working with our suppliers, we can also source and supply matching rollstock webs, regardless of sterilisation process, making us a single source for all your rollstock packaging material requirements.


With off line slitting capabilities we can provide plain or printed sterilisable medical packaging rollstock materials in any width and length combination for customer use.

Our slit materials are typically supplied for use on 4-side-seal, Form-Fill-Seal (thermoform) and other types of medical devices packing lines.