Scalpel Handles

Industrial & Craft Blades

The Granton® range of Craft blades are manufactured with the same precision cutting performance and consistent quality as the Granton Silver™ quality range of surgical blades.

The comprehensive range of blades are used by both the amateur and the professional craftsman to perform delicate and precise cutting tasks on a wide range of materials, and can be fitted to any quality metal handles.

Available Patterns:

Blade Pattern Carbon Non-Sterile (Boxed 100's) Code
10 91410 Blade 10
11 91411 Blade 11
12 91412 Blade 12
15 91415 Blade 15
20 91420 Blade 15
21 91421 Blade 20
22 91422 Blade 22
23 91423 Blade 23
24 91424 Blade 24

We also supply metal handles which are accurately machined and finished to the latest international standards to ensure easy blade fitment and interchangeability with other brands of blades.

Granton® Safety Scalpels with Retractable Stainless Steel Blades are also popular as a precision tool in the craft market, and are available non-sterile, bulk packed, in Blade Pattern Nos. 10, 10A, 11 and 15.