Heat Seal Sterilisation Reels and Pouches

For users who may not choose to use the self seal system, we have the Eurosteril range of Heat Seal Sterilisation Reels and Pouches. Eurosteril Heat Seal Sterilisation Reels have been designed for packaging extra-long products or creating individual pouches of special lengths.

Our Eurosteril sterilisation reels and pouches are made from medical grade paper and multi-layer heat-sealable PET/PE blue tinted film. They are suitable for both steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation and are printed with Class 1 Process Indicators for both processes and are available in a range of standard sizes.

Our sterilisation pouches and reels are manufactured under ISO 13485:2003 Quality Systems. Manufacture of custom sizes and own brand labelling undertaken by arrangement.

Sterilisation Reels and Pouches

Sterilisation Reels and Pouches – List of Standard Sizes

Heat Seal Flat Reels – LENGTH 200M
Code Size (mm) Pack Quantity
02050 50 8 Reels
02075 75 5 Reels
02100 100 4 Reels
02150 150 2 Reels
02200 200 2 Reels
02250 250 1 Reel
02300 300 1 Reel
02400 400 1 Reel
Heat Seal Gussetted Reels - LENGTH 100M
03200 200 x 50 2 Reels
Heat Seal Sterilisation Pouches
03055 55 x 250 Box of 500
03075 75 x 250 Box of 500
03100 100 x 250 Box of 500
euroseal 2001 plus

Heat Sealers

Euroseal® 2001 Plus

Alongside the heat seal Eurosteril sterilisation Reels and Pouches, we are also pleased to offer our customers the Euroseal 2001 Plus electronic thermosealing machine, which is designed for the easy and reliable sealing of Heat Seal Sterilisation Reels and Pouches. The Euroseal 2001 Plus is compact and perfectly designed to fit into any clinic or surgery environment. It is easy to use and maintain, as well as being competitively priced.

euroseal Valida

Euroseal® Valida

The Euroseal Valida is the new heat sealing machine that “validates” the sealing cycle, memorising the sealing data and the results achived to an SD card, fully meeting the requirements of EN11607-2 and EN868-5 Standards.

The Euroseal Valida can also be connected directly to a PC via Ethernet or WiFi for instant transfer of sealing data. The easy to use, innovative touch-screen display with dedicated menu allows the user to achieve simple and instant interfacing with the sealing machine and to choose from the preset cycles and a free cycle, that allows the user to change the sealing temperature according to the type of sterilisation reel and pouch being used.

Euroseal® Check

euroseal check

For the peace of mind of our customers, we also stock the innovative Euroseal Check Paper product. This ingenious product is a bar/heat thermosealing machine control test which provides an indication to the user that their sterilisation reels and pouches are being correctly sealed. The test papers are supplied in boxes of 100 tests.