Dental, Laboratory Knives & Spatulas

A long standing leader in its field Granton produces an extensive range of knives and associated products to comply with all the latest regulations.

All our knife products are made in Sheffield, to the highest standards from the finest materials and are fully guaranteed. The Granton range of Dental knives and spatulas are precision made for safe and comfortable professional use. Stainless steel blades with handles insert moulded in polypropylene to comply with best hygiene and safety practise, withstanding sterilisation by autoclave or gamma irradiation.


Dental Plaster Knives

Code no Blade Length
49000 2½" / 60mm
49010 3" / 75mm
49020 3" / 75mm (with flask opener)

Dental Wax Knives

Code no Details
49100 Large dental wax knife, buffed & bent
49110 Small dental wax knife, buffed & bent
49120 Large dental wax knife, dished & polished
49130 Small dental wax knife, dished & polished

Dental Plaster Knives

Code no Details
49200 4 ¼" / 110mm Broad curved
49210 4¼" / 110mm Broad flat
49220 3⅞" / 100mm Medium curved
49230 3⅞" / 100mm Medium flat
49240 4¼" / 110mm Narrow curved
49250 4¼" / 110mm Narrow flat

Dental Laboratory Knives

Code no Details
49100 1¾" / 45mm Clip point
49110 1¾" / 45mm Sheep foot

Granton® Palette Knives/Spatulas (with Flexible Blades)

Flexible Palette knives

Granton® Palette Knives are manufactured in the traditional way; by fully grinding the entire length of the blade. The test when choosing a Palette Knife is to press the blade onto a firm surface. It should bend from the middle of the blade, not near the handle. Keep pushing the blade so it is at 90 degrees to the handle. A Granton® Palette knife has the flexibility to allow it to return to a dead straight "rest" position time and time again.

From our 3” Artists Palette Knife up to our 12" Spatula Palette, the feedback we receive from our customers tells us that the Granton® Palette knife range is ahead of the rest! For safe professional use in Laboratory, Science and Education establishments, Granton® blades are made to BS and ISO standards from fully hardened and tempured stainless steel, taper ground and hand finished with a non-reflective sateen surface for excellent flexibility and comfortable use under strong lighting.

Code Blade Length Description
49309 3" / 75mm - tapered blade "Artists" Palette
49310 4" / 100mm - tapered blade "Artists" Palette
49311 6" / 150mm - tapered blade "Artists" Palette
45284 4" / 100mm Spatula Palette
45286 6" / 150mm Spatula Palette
45288 8" / 200mm Spatula Palette
45280 10" / 250mm Spatula Palette
45282 12" / 300mm Spatula Palette